Success Story: Videography in Lockdown

Ford wanted to launch the Ford Ranger Thunder, a new bakkie that sits between the Ford Wildtrack and the Ford Raptor. However, with a lockdown in progress, assembling all the dealers would prove difficult. A plan was developed to create a comprehensive video of the capabilities in both an informative and humorous manner. A multidisciplinary team was assembled to plan, film, and edit the production.

The storyboard involved the comedian Jason Goliath and the radio personality Angie Khumalo interacting and comparing their experiences of the new Ford Thunder in different situations. Both were very professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. DroneiT had the privilege of doing the aerial footage which featured significantly in the final version. The scenery in the Tugela valley was spectacular.

There were a number of locations including ground shots of boat towing and launch footage, road shots, a four-by-four track in the Cradle area, some footage at a nursery in town, and then at a game lodge in the mid-upper Tugela valley.It was fascinating to see the script unfold and the final product. Below are some images from the Tugela Valley.

One of the most impressive aspects was how the team gelled and everyone pitched in to carry equipment, polish vehicles, or move boulders. The ability over the seriously rough terrain of the Ford four-by-four vehicles was truly impressive. A testimonial from Gideo Basson sums it up nicely. “It has always been a pleasure to work with Dane Carfoot (DroneiT’s Chief Pilot) and his professional team from Drone iT”

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