DroneiT offers tailored security solutions ranging from shorter-range patrols typically for industrial complexes, mines, residential estates etc. and long-range patrols for pipelines, railway lines, borders, and Transmission lines.

For the former, we use the DJI M300 with a vehicle-based crew and linkage to a security operations center. For long-range patrols, we select aircraft for the purpose and distance. These crafts typically have ADS-B units fitted and collision avoidance systems (ACAS) and in some instances parachutes.

Longer range patrols require licensed BVLOS operators which we provide or train in our training division. All craft are fitted with infrared multidirectional cameras with zoom capabilities and sophisticated software to lock on and follow vehicles or individuals. The infrared allows us to identify and differentiate between animals and humans at night.

Drone iT works with an organizations security team to create a more effective service and adds a high deterrent value

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