Our specialized drone services are perfect for the Film and Advertising Industry.

We can “fly your script” just the way your target customers need it, for eye catching commercials and targeted advertising. Amazing action shots involving 360 degree aerial rotation and  acrobatics, our pilots and crew will produce the ultimate aerial experience for your viewers.

For property developers, building consultants and architects, using our services will give you that added edge in your property evaluations and decision making.

Our software can also provide pin point accuracy at millimeter certainty for 2D and 3D modelling of any structures helping to better plan for the future.

High definition video coverage  of sporting events, providing close-up action and high altitude view of arenas and course tracking of all action sports. Drone iT can cover any form of outdoor and indoor events. Mountain climbing, indoor track meetings, school rugby, tennis, swimming, surfing and other aerial sports like parasailing are all within our ambit. 

“Excellence in flight and motion…….”

“Drone it Crane Shot.”

“Drone iT Drop Shot”