Asset Inspection

The use of drones for asset inspection is fast becoming a preferred method within many industries, as well as for telecommunication companies. Such visual surveillance offers a multitude of advantages, including those of safety, significantly lowered costs, improved data collection, and reduced asset downtime.

There are multiple challenges when it comes to traditional methods of asset inspection. The most pressing is that of human safety.

This includes:

•The need for humans to enter confined spaces•Working at height

•Areas that contain materials or an atmosphere hazardous to human life

•Dangers involved with evacuation and rescues following an incident

Another issue is that of cost. Carrying out asset inspection in the traditional manner takes up a large proportion of the company budget in a varying number of ways:

•Asset shutdown

•Site shutdowns•Outage periods

•Erection of any necessary scaffolding

•Risk assessments

•Any necessary HSE implementation

•Increased insurance costs

In addition, traditional asset inspection is time-consuming, both in the planning and the application. There is also a further issue when it comes to the quality and accuracy of data collection and the need to factor in human error.

Using drones for asset inspection has many advantages.

•Minimisingrisk and danger

•Speed of deployment and inspection

•Higher quality data

•Minimises downtime

•Lowered insurance costs

•Higher flexibility DroneiT utilizes advanced software to process the images taken and this includes AI for fault recognition and an ability to create 3D images.

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