Drones are suited to a range of tasks useful for agriculture. The primary use case is the spraying of pesticides and herbicides. Drones whilst marginally more cost-effective than planes or helicopters have the advantage of more accurate spraying with higher leaf saturation. This allows for less chemical usage.

Another aspect where drones help is precision farming. Drones can accurately capture images for2 and 3 D mapping and with the use of multispectral cameras (NDVI) crop analysis allows for targeted treatment whether it is supplementary irrigation, fertilizer, or targeted pest eradication. We use drones with a 10, 20or 30 liter carrying capacity.

The process of spraying can be automated with control of swath and dispensing rate per hectares being accurately controlled. The drone can operate in moderate winds with the ability to shift flight paths based upon chemical drift.

In addition to spraying, the drones we use have a seed dispersal mechanism which we are testing for coverage accuracy. Likewise, fertilizers can be applied using a drone dispenser.

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